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Scholastic Philosophy© Textbook Download Page

Philosophy for Highschoolers¬© is a new kind of textbook, for doing philosophy.   With over 200 diagrams it seeks to study human nature and the universe in a systematic, analytic, and visual way.  As the first in a two-volume series (the sequel being Theology for Highschoolers), it delves into the core of ancient classical and later scholastic learning, forging a synthesis worldview that is sweeping and universal.  

Downloadable (Digital) Edition 2.2

Teachers - Download Annotated Teachers' Edition (ATE) 2.2  -  FREE! (limited time offer)
Download below.  See also the "Additional Materials" available below.  
Students - Download Student Edition (SE) 2.2          - FREE!  (limited time offer)
Download Below.  The SE goes with the ATE, and contains blanks instead of answers. 

Students - Download Workbook 2.3 (Incomplete--under construction*)     - FREE! (limited time offer)

Download below.  The Workbook currently contains Units I, II, and half of Unit III (through 3.6.2). 

Tip:  To download, simply right-click (use your mouse's right button) over the desired link and then select "Save Target As . . .." 

After downloading, it will be necessary to UNZIP the received data.    Simply click on the .zip folder which you will receive, and it should unzip itself.  Otherwise, drop it into a program such as unzip.exe (usually on your hard drive, in the "utils" folder).

After unzipping, you will have 7 or 8 .doc files.  It is recommended that you keep these .doc files separate, as combining them into one large .doc file would be problematic, since MSWord is too weak to process all that information at once. 


Annotated Teacher's Edition 2.2 .PDFs (complete)

Download ATE PDFs

Annotated Teacher's Edition 2.2 .DOCs (complete)

Download ATE DOCs

Students' Edition 2.2 .PDFs (complete)

Download SE PDFs

Students' Edition 2.2 .DOCs (complete)

Download SE DOCs

Additional Materials for Teachers .DOCs (incomplete)

Workbook / Objectives / Icebreakers (All incomplete)

Download Additional